A Catechism of Creation Breaks Binary View Of Religion and Science

[originally published 4/15/16] When asked, most Christians are capable of recounting at least some aspects of the Book of Genesis. While these descriptions will vary in detail depending on the person asked, positioning the sacred text and its two creation stories as the true essences of Christian theology, is common place. But how do these creation stories influence the way followers of this book talk about climate change? How about human purpose, drive, and meaning? These questions many appear disparate at first, but they are far more interconnected than one might think.

Pushing past our nominal understanding of this rich text, Forward Movement has created The Catachism of Creation in which Episcopal clergy, including Blessed Tomorrow leader Rev. Stephanie Johnson, explore details both within the canon and the world around us. As The Rt. Rev. W. Nicholas Knisely explains, human attempts to understand who we are and the meaning of our existence is the apex of all art, science, and theology. Join Forward Movement in exploring how faith and science not only coexist but intermingle, assisting in understanding the human condition, our climate and the complex topic of creation.

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In the Beginning – A Video Curriculum Exploring the Catechism of Creation

This groundbreaking new video curriculum invites you to explore science and faith through the lens of leading ordained scientists in The Episcopal Church. The curriculum provides four weeks of free downloadable lesson plans, discussion questions, and links to corresponding videos for each class. Explore the Bible's basic doctrine of creation, the modern scientific worldview, perspectives on the Big Bang and evolution, and the biblical roots for environmental care. This course serves as an excellent platform for a Sunday School or adult formation course to delve into A Catechism of Creation, a downloadable document that explores The Episcopal Church's understanding of creation in the traditional question-and-answer format, available for free download here. Developed in partnership with the Committee on Science, Technology and Faith, this video curriculum allows a sense of wonder and discovery to play a part in building care for creation in our faith communities.

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