6 Millennial Faith Leaders Making an Impact on Climate Change

Representing six various religious practices, the recent list of millennial faith leaders taking action for the climate speaks to the powerful initiative of morally guided religious communities to care for God's creation. While their theological route may differ, they collectively arrive at a shared conclusion. It is our moral duty to care for our fellow human beings, as well as the splendorous world we have been granted. 

I had the pleasure of hearing Nana Firman speak at last month's Green Faith's webinar, Earth Matters: Islam and Environment. Firman shared her Islam's Qur'an-based motivations for ecological concern, all the while, expressing grave concern for the people that inhabit this earth, many of which are suffering greatly due to climate change; particularly those in Muslim majority countries. 

Read more about the six millennial faith leading the charge of climate action in this recent Huffington Post article.

Millennial Faith Leaders Offer A Vision For The Future Of The Environmental Movement

By Antonia Blumberg for The Huffington Post  

To many religious climate activists, caring for the environment isn't just a good idea — it's a moral responsibility. 

Pope Francis released an encyclical, or papal letter, on the environment last Thursday — a move that has called attention to the role many faith leaders are playing in the battle against climate change. The pontiff has stood firm on ecological issues, calling the environment's decline "one of the greatest challenges of our time." 

He is in good company among people of faith. On Sept. 21, 2014, some 10,000 peoplejoined the the interfaith contingent of the People's Climate March in New York City to demand that world leaders take action to protect the environment.

The Huffington Post spoke with six millennials who are helping to usher in a generation of faith leaders deeply involved in environmental activism. In their emailed responses, these six young people offered their stories, prayers and visions of the movement's future.

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