5 Things to Talk About When Inspiring Fellow Faith Leaders to Lead on Climate Change

We know that men and women of the clergy are a group whose voice is powerful and can move people within their congregations and communities to action. But did you also know that faith leaders can tap into that same power to inspire other faith leaders? It’s true – at Blessed Tomorrow we believe that as a trusted faith leader, your voice is the most powerful tool for getting others involved.

If your goal is to succeed in both spreading the word about climate change and taking climate action – partnerships are a necessary aid. Here are five ways you can inspire fellow members of the clergy to lead on climate and work in partnership with you.

1  Talk About Care for Creation

The Earth that God created came with rules for its care. These instructions are found in all faith doctrines and no individual, including a member of clergy, is exempt from ensuring that God’s Earth is cared for. Remind your fellow faith leaders of their God-given assignment to care for the planet.

2 Talk About Religious Values

Climate change is thought to be one of the greatest moral challenges of our time. As believers, members of the clergy have specific values that when honored – show that they are honoring God. Acting on climate to help restore God’s Earth is a way of committing to one’s religious values.

3 Talk About the Future

With climate change, it is difficult to imagine a blessed future for God’s people. What kind of future is in store if humans continue to harm the planet? Faith leaders are always discussing the future with their followers. For people in the congregation, having faith that something will happen or the something will manifest is looking towards the future. Inspiring faith leaders to act on climate means giving them faith that the world can be better.

4 Talk About the Community

The community – the place we live, play, work and the people and values inherent to that place – is one of the most important components of a congregation. Churches, synagogues, and mosques are active anchors of any community. When faith leaders guide their peers to make climate action a community effort – it can bring the community closer together through mutual goals of improving and protecting the community we share.

5 Talk About the Impacts

Everyone experiences the impacts of climate change in some way, but most regard these changes as strange weather. It is up to faith leaders to spread the truth about our changing climate to their congregations and to their peers so that each member of the community understands the importance of taking action.

Sometimes, clergy members and their congregation have the desire to help the Earth but don’t know how to get started. Blessed Tomorrow’s goal is to make climate leadership easy for faith leaders by providing resources to help them get started. Let’s lead!  

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