4 Things We Learned from Faith Leaders at Momentus 2015 Leadership Summit

By path2positive

Momentus Path to Positive 2015 Leadership Summit was a major success, but before we begin planning next year's event, let’s pause to reflect on the astounding leadership from our faith community at these proceedings. We were so honored to welcome members of Blessed Tomorrow leadership circle: 

  • Rev. Dr. Joel Hunter: Panelist 
  • Senior Pastor of Northland, A Church Distributed
  • Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins: Panelist 
  • General Minister and President, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
  • Rabbi Steve Gutow: Panelist 
  • President and CEO, Jewish Council for Public Affairs
  • Bishop Vashti McKenzie: Panelist 
  • African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Rev. Dr. Jim Antal: Panelist
  • Minister and President, MA Conference of the United Church of Christ

While the proceedings were abuzz with excitement over Pope Francis’ (then) impending Encyclical, the faith leaders spoke of the long-term solution to long term issues. Speaking in a trajectory of 10 years, the faith leaders considered everything from our moral obligation to care for the world’s most vulnerable, to our sacred call as stewards to care for the wondrous gift that God has given us. While the discussions covered a great number of topics, we have narrowed the general focus down to 4 takeaways that best represent the vibrant dialogue shared between our panelist and audience. 

  1. Support the Pope: Amplify the Encyclical and build momentum. Now is an especially powerful moment for leaders and people of faith to elevate their leadership and inspire others to action since more people will be paying attention to climate change than ever before. 
  2. Major on the Majors: Develop three simple, common messages that will inspire people to action. Rally faith leaders around concrete and focused ideas that will build consensus and momentum. 
  3. Interfaith at the Local Level: Partner at the local level with climate solutions as the area of common ground. Bring faith leaders and communities together to answer the call to solve climate change.
  4. Promote Practical solutions: Inspire faith leaders and constituents to take everyday practical actions, as individuals and groups, to lead by example in their climate impact. Participate in public life. Engage young people through social media. Send the message that we can all be part of the solution. 

We would like to thank our attending faith leaders for making this year’s event an amazing one full of hope, inspiration and most importantly, solution. With god’s grace, we can do anything! Read the full report here.


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