Let’s Lead On Climate

Hear from local community, health, and faith leaders across the U.S. who are successfully engaging their constituents in programs and initiatives that promote climate leadership,...

Leader Spotlight: Katharine Hayhoe

Climate scientist and ecoAmerica Leadership Council member Katharine Hayhoe’s efforts to communicate the realities of a changing climate have earned her a spot as one...

Faith Leaders Making Their Love Visible Through Climate Solutions

Honoring Faith Traditions and Shared Values

Tony helped the Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati form a network of climate change leaders from over 70 of their 214 parishes.

A Solar Springboard to Green Ministry

Florida Avenue Baptist Church became one of the first African-American churches in the nation to install solar.

Walking the Walk and the Moral Imperative to Lead

Rabbi Warren Stone has helped his congregation become a national leader in climate change.

Starting with Scripture, Inspiring with Solutions

Dr. Joel Hunter has inspired his members by focusing on scripture, staying positive, and providing simple ways for them to address climate change.

Cultivating Cool Congregations & Communities

Cool Congregations, a program created by Sarah Webb and two of her friends, has touched over 250 faith communities in more than 10 other states.

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