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Ilka Vega

Ilka Vega is the Executive for Economic and Environmental Justice at United Women in Faith. She is originally from El Paso, Texas and Cd. Juarez, Mexico borderlands. She has worked on human rights and social justice issues for over 10 years including racial justice, migration, climate justice, and gender issues. She is a graduate of Lydia Patterson Institute and holds a B.A in Sustainability, Culture, and Social Justice and a B.A. in Business from Southwestern University. She also holds a M.Sc. in Innovation, Human Development, and Sustainability from the University of Geneva. As part of her postgraduate studies, she worked on mainstreaming sustainability policies and educational resources collaborating with different UN and international organizations including the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights and the 2050Today initiative in Geneva, Switzerland. She has attended five UN Climate Change Conferences since 2016 reporting on policy making and mobilizing strategies for climate justice advocacy. She served for 5 years as part of the UWFaith Charter for Racial Justice Support Team and worked with Hope Border Institute providing support and advocacy for asylum seekers in the US Mexico border.