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Fred Krueger

Frederick W. Krueger is the Executive Coordinator of the National Religious Coalition on Creation Care (NRCCC), World Stewardship Institute (WSI), and Religious Campaign for Forest Conservation. He has had a long passion for saving marine life and systems upon which they depend, and has worked on establishing religious ethical precepts in other areas, like the Religious Campaign for Forest Conservation and the Spiritual Value of the Wilderness. He also serves as the Executive Director for the Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration (OFT), led the Christian Society of the Green Cross, and organized the North American Conference on Christianity and Ecology. In the 1990s, when asked why he was speaking out with others to care for the forests and the rest of earthly creation, he replied: “For religious reasons, not environmental reasons, we’re making this call. Religion in the modern era has broken the circle because of its failure to have an integrated relation to God, creation and people.” Over a quarter of a century, he has helped to change this situation, working with others of faith to return mainstream religions to their nature-people-caring roots.