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“It is a magnificent thing to be alive in a moment that matters so much.”

- Johnson, Ayana & Wilkinson, Katharine. "All We Can Save".


Together, we are called by our faith to care for our given and shared home.


We will work toward a healthy world and thriving local communities by visibly supporting clergy and congregations, within and across faiths, in a changing climate.


Join the Campaign

It’s 2023. We have seven years to meet the IPCC goals of 45% reduction in carbon pollution to maintain a habitable planet. This is our calling. The number seven is prominent in sacred texts in most faith traditions representing wholeness, perfection, and completion. 

We can meet these goals if we all do our part. We have a strong foundation. Majorities of Americans are concerned (75%) about climate, and 77% will support solutions. Over 75% of Americans identify as people of faith.  

Clergy are on the front line of the climate crisis. They serve as spiritual guides and lead on justice within and beyond their congregations. They are key to action in local communities, but they need greater knowledge, resources, and support. Congregations are similar.

Denominations have made great strides on climate leadership, but now need to help clergy and congregations to act and advocate for just and equitable local climate solutions.


Campaign Elements

    • Visible national multifaith brand and coalition with a broad diversity of faith traditions, fresh, inspiring and inclusive language/narrative/brand, website with accessible information/resources, congregational banners/toolkits, and earned/owned/social media.
    • Denominational leadership to fuel visibility and action and offer resources and staffing to energize, support and remove barriers for clergy and congregational participation.
    • Congregational participation focused on visible affirmation, preaching, teaching and action, visible banner displayed at places of worship, congregational website and social media content, and programming opportunities.
    • Clergy and lay leader education and activation including curricula and professional development, trainings and guides, library of worship and educational resources, inspirational action sheets, webinars and webcasts, retreat and self-care resources/opportunities, mentoring, programming, and opportunities to connect and collaborate within and across faith traditions. Specific resources and programming for youth.


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Stay Informed

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