Is Your Congregation Ready for the Big Church Switch?

By path2positive

In an ecumenical push, Christian Aid and Tearfund have urged all Christians to reduce their use of electricity for Lent. Their campaign, The Big Church Switch, is hoping to contact at least 150,000 Christians of different denominations to encourage them to transition their energy sources to renewables. 

The leadership behind the campaign has been strong with Bishops supporting the effort around the world, including, Nicholas Holtam, the Bishop of Salisbury, who shared, "If Lent is about renewing our lives in response to the love of God here is a way to follow. You can do it, and so will I.”

Laura Taylor, Christian Aid’s Head of Advocacy, shared that Christians, 'want warm actions not just warm words...I encourage every church to join the campaign.” 

This Lent consider renewables to turn your care for creation into a reality. As people of faith, we must take action and sometimes that action is big, and sometimes it is small. If you can't transition to renewables, consider transitioning to energy efficiency light bulbs or start a recycling program in your community or at home. Everyone can play a role in creation care!

Christians Urged To Switch To Green Energy To Follow God And Show They 'Care For Creation'

Louise Ridley | Huffington Post

Hundreds of thousands of Christians are being asked to switch energy tariffs for Lent, in a campaign that says it's their religious duty to use power from renewable sources.

Worshippers are being asked to "put their faith into action" by using electricity from solar or wind energy, in a mass bid to tackle climate change.

Campaigners from the charities Christian Aid and Tearfund claim that Christians are deeply concerned about climate change, and want "warm actions not just warm words" to halt its progress.

For 'The Big Church Switch' starting on Wednesday, they hope contact at least 150,000 Christians of different denominations to encourage them to switch their provider or tariff to renewables.

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