About Blessed Tomorrow

Blessed Tomorrow is a coalition of diverse religious partners united as faithful stewards of God’s creation.

We inspire our communities to act on one of the greatest moral challenges of our era: climate change. Blessed Tomorrow is by people of faith, for people of faith, offering ideas, tools, and language that are familiar, compelling. Through Blessed Tomorrow, faith leaders work to reach 100% clean energy, prepare for a changing climate, and engage their communities, while maintaining the distinct voices of their traditions. Contact our Program Director, Ani Fête Crews, to learn more or explore a partner role. Blessed Tomorrow and its partners agree to this Vision, Principles and Commitment Statement for climate solutions, action, and advocacy.

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Why Faith and Climate

People of faith share a calling to love and care for God’s creation, one another, and especially the most vulnerable. Today, the health and stability of creation is threatened by our changing climate.  We see the negative impacts of climate change in the suffering of our neighbors and in damage to the natural world. Living our faith means leading on climate change as stewards of God’s creation. The leadership of faith communities adds distinct moral perspectives to the climate change movement and motivates millions of Americans to act out of love.