As a faith leader, you can help inspire your congregation to care for God's creation.


Success Stories

Blessed Tomorrow has brought together leaders from across the country to tell their stories about how they made climate change a priority in their faith and in their communities. These stories will inspire you and provide ideas for how to get your own community involved in climate solutions.

Climate scientist and ecoAmerica Leadership Council member Katharine Hayhoe’s efforts to communicate the realities of a changing climate have earned her a spot as one of Time Magazine’s most influential people of 2014. While the series addressed the impact of climate change on the arid cattle ranches and people of West Texas, Hayhoe’s concern for the climate started long before her arrival in the Lone Star State.   > Learn More
On September 24-25, 2015, Blessed Tomorrow, with our partners Convergence, Washington National Cathedral, Auburn Seminary, Faith in Public Life and Interfaith Power and Light DC, brought together Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other national leaders to an extraordinary event called Coming Together   > Learn More
Brian McLaren, Rev. Otis Moss III
The week before last, I was blessed to join hundreds of faith leaders who gathered in Washington D.C. for Coming Together in Faith on Climate.   > Learn More
Tony Stieritz portrait
Tony helped the Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati form a network of climate change leaders from over 70 of their 214 parishes.   > Learn More
Rev. Dr. Earl D. Trent, Jr.
Florida Avenue Baptist Church became one of the first African-American churches in the nation to install solar.   > Learn More
Dr. Carol Devine
Rev. Devine joined with other Disciples leaders in Kentucky to form a new program to help congregations walk more gently on the earth.   > Learn More
Rabbi Warren Stone
Rabbi Warren Stone has helped his congregation become a national leader in climate change.   > Learn More
Dr. Joel Hunter
Dr. Joel Hunter has inspired his members by focusing on scripture, staying positive, and providing simple ways for them to address climate change.   > Learn More
Cool Congregations, a program created by Sarah Webb and two of her friends, has touched over 250 faith communities in more than 10 other states.   > Learn More