As a faith leader, you can help inspire your congregation to care for God's creation.


"Let's Lead on Climate"

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Hear from local community, health, and faith leaders across the U.S. who are successfully engaging their constituents in programs and initiatives that promote climate leadership, action, and solutions. Each success story offers useful guidance and key recommendations to help you take the first steps towards leading on climate.

“We can all find a starting place with the conversation about climate change and about ways we’re all affected by this. For me, as a Disciple, it all comes back to God’s table. At that table, we have the wonderful, frustrating ability to say, ‘We agree to disagree, but that does not mean you are no less my brother or sister. I will work beside you because I recognize you as a child of God.’ That’s where our starting place is every single time. People are afraid to have some of these conversations, but I think that’s the number one thing the churches should be doing – creating space at the table, creating space for these conversations.”-Pastor Heather McColl, Midway Christian Church

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