As a faith leader, you can help inspire your congregation to care for God's creation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1. What is Blessed Tomorrow?

Blessed Tomorrow is a coalition of diverse religious partners united under a call to be faithful stewards of creation. We are compelled by a higher power to serve one another, future generations, and the most vulnerable as we witness the impacts of climate change within our neighborhoods and throughout the world. We will care for God’s creation, empower our communities, and call on our fellow leaders to create a healthy future for us all.

Through Blessed Tomorrow, faith leaders take steps together on a path to a positive future while they maintain the distinct voice of their tradition. Blessed Tomorrow provides a program by people of faith, for people of faith, offering ideas, tools, resources, and language that are familiar, compelling, and effective for engaging congregations in climate solutions.  

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2. Why does climate change matter to people of faith?

Many of us who are part of Blessed Tomorrow weren’t always climate change leaders, but we have come to realize that addressing climate is an essential part of how we fulfill our responsibility to protect and provide for our communities, children, and country.

Climate change is often portrayed as an economic, scientific, or political issue. But at its heart, climate change is a moral and spiritual issue because it affects God’s creation and people. It is the poorest people and places that bear the greatest consequences. Many people of faith are seeing this firsthand as they work to repair, rebuild, and restore their communities and others in the wake of unprecedented disasters. We believe faith leaders have a unique role in helping to preserve our shared home.

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3. What is climate change?

Climate change is caused by an overabundance of heat-trapping gases and particles within the atmosphere. These gases, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, and black carbon (soot), are the result of burning and drilling for fossil fuels. This results in shifts in climate and weather patterns, causing more floods, droughts, stronger and more unpredictable storms, rising sea levels, heat waves, changing growing seasons and zones, and health and lifestyle impacts (such as rising asthma rates and wildfires) that many Americans are witnessing within their own communities.

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4. What if we’re new to climate change?

Blessed Tomorrow makes it easy for newcomers to care for creation today, providing tools and resources for all congregations and organizations, regardless of their size, budget, or experience with climate change. Blessed Tomorrow will help you lead by example and communicate the right messages to get others involved. We welcome people from all faith traditions and denominations to join us in leading by example in their congregations and in encouraging people to live out their concern for creation as a rich part of their faith.

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5. How will Blessed Tomorrow support me in caring for creation?

Blessed Tomorrow connects leaders with a wide variety of tools, resources, ideas, guides, success stories, and a community of like-minded people of faith to help them fulfill their commitment to care for God’s creation. Blessed Tomorrow is a program you can use in your congregation to build a stronger, healthier community and save money, all while deepening your existing stewardship mission. Faith leaders, whether clergy, organizational leaders, or lay leaders, can build their Path to Positive plan on this website to create an organized list of action steps to care for creation. In addition to these direct benefits, Blessed Tomorrow leaders are linked to leaders in health, business, higher education, communities, and other sectors relevant to Americans’ lives.  

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6. What does my own faith tradition think about climate change?

You might be surprised to find that your own faith tradition offers statements on climate change that are a great way to build a meaningful connection between creation and your faith. These religious statements offer an easy starting point to help you introduce others to perspectives rooted in your faith. Statements by religion can be found in our resources. 

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7. Are there faith groups working specifically within my own tradition or area to address climate change?

Yes! There are many outstanding faith-based environmental organizations and congregations already taking the lead on climate change both within and across different faith traditions. These groups are part of the Blessed Tomorrow coalition, and have a rich suite of resources, available directly and through Blessed Tomorrow in our Inspire Others and Care for Creation sections of the website.

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