As a faith leader, you can help inspire your congregation to care for God's creation.


Resources to Inspire Others

You can play a pivotal role in helping others to recognize the importance of addressing climate change as a rich expression of their faith. Choose inspirational action steps below to add to your plan. Each step links you to numerous resources to support your efforts. If you have joined Blessed Tomorrow, you can view and manage your plan on your customized dashboard at anytime. Also, be sure to add steps from our care for creation section.


Congregation leader delivering a powerful creation care sermon
A powerful sermon is a great way to launch a conversation on creation care and inspire others to take action. We offer talking points, sample sermons, and other resources to equip you to succeed.   > Get resources
Holding a creation care themed worship service
There are many steps that you can take to theme a service around creation, from the selection of the readings to holding a service in a park or bringing the outside indoors.   > Get resources
Hosting a creation care discussion outdoors with youth
Special events such as conversations, scripture studies, movie screenings, and guest speakers create educational opportunities for your congregation and can open your doors to new audiences.   > Get resources
Making a religious facility a model of good stewardship
We’ll connect you with a rich series of ideas and resources to help your congregation save money and make your facility a positive example of stewardship that your members can emulate in their homes.   > Get resources
This groundbreaking new video curriculum invites you to explore science and faith through the lens of leading ordained scientists in The Episcopal Church. The curriculum provides four weeks of free downloadable lesson plans, discussion questions, and links to corresponding videos for each class.   > Get resources