As a faith leader, you can help inspire your congregation to care for God's creation.


Deliver a Powerful Creation Care Sermon

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A powerful sermon is a great way to introduce and open up a conversation about creation care and climate change within your congregation. It can also serve as a launching point for a much wider effort within your faith community, such as inspiring your members to fulfill the Blessed Tomorrow commitment or to form a “creation care” committee.

A great climate sermon has a number of important elements. First, it should ground understanding of climate change within your faith. Leading on climate should not be about doing something new, it should be about connecting with your existing mission and perhaps recovering a very old and rich part of your tradition. Resources, such as scripture passages and denominational statements can help you do just that.

Second, a great climate sermon connects with the values of your congregation. Climate change can be a sensitive subject. You will be more effective if your sermon is built on a solid foundation of values broadly shared within your community such as concern for our children, the responsibility to be good stewards of the created world, and the opportunity to direct cost savings to other areas. Check out our Key Talking Points for additional tips.

Finally, a strong sermon instills hope. This means empowering people today to do things, whether as individuals or a community, to become part of the solution. We have resources below that will help you meet each of these goals.