As a faith leader, you can help inspire your congregation to care for God's creation.



Everywhere we turn it seems we bump up against something political. The news we watch, the athletes we support and even the restaurants where we eat are all increasingly viewed through the lens of partisan politics.

Last month in St. Louis, the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly passed another new policy on engaging with issues of climate change - through preaching, embodying, advocating, and proclaiming eco-justice.

Within the climate community, one of the greatest areas of debate is the role of nuclear energy in the mix of climate solutions.

Poor Peoples Campaign

The 2017 General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indianapolis, IN adopted a resolution to support The Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revi

Father and son on bikes near a wind farm

Americans’ attitudes on climate are changing, and the change is in a positive direction.

United Methodist Building Green Roof in Washington DC

Years ago, I was walking up to my office in The United Methodist Building where we were hosting a prayer service celebrating Earth Day. As I approached, I noticed small yellow signs poking out of the grass.

Are Americans looking to leaders outside of the political arena for guidance on climate change?

Food Security

By 2030, over one hundred million people could be pushed into extreme hunger due to climate change according to the World Bank.