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Churches get covered in solar panels across the U.S. and one faith community found climate motivation in 13th-century hymn. This and more in Blessed Tomorrow's weekly news roundup!

Faith Climate Action Week

Last year’s Faith Climate Action Week galvanized climate leadership in America. This year, it’s calling on our legislators to do the same.

Pope Francis' climate message filled the pews and two Jewish communities are finding climate motivation in the history of Jewish women. Get the latest faith and climate news in one place. 

More Americans support climate solutions than accept the reality of climate change itself. Here’s why some experts have suggested avoiding the phrase "climate change" in certain settings.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks • LDS apostle

Mormon leaders reaffirm climate concern and Dominican Sisters get on the fast track to creation care. Here's an entire week of faith and climate news in one place.

U.S. Rep. A. Donald McEachin (D)

Climate change has become a contentious issue in Washington, but faith leaders are finding solutions across the U.S. Here’s how five Cool Congregations are changing the way we think about local leadership, and sending a clear message to our nation’s capital.

The Methodist Theological School of Ohio

The Lenten season kicked off with a carbon fast and Pope Francis urged us to learn creation care from "indigenous peoples." Here are the top faith and climate stories you may have missed. 

It’s no secret that scientists face their fair share of difficulties in communicating the urgency of climate change. Here’s how they’ve teamed with faith leaders to effectively communicate climate to more Americans.

The Rev. Fletcher Harper, Greenfaith

St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan went geothermal and Rev. Carol Devine opened the Book of Ezekiel to explain why Kentucky should move away from coal and toward renewable energy. Get caught up on another exciting week in faith and climate news with Blessed Tomorrow.

Federated Church of East Arlington

Solar power is one of America’s fastest-growing energy sources—and it’s benefiting more than the climate. Here are some ways your faith community can reap financial growth and care for creation in the process.