As a faith leader, you can help inspire your congregation to care for God's creation.



This election season has been filled with reports showing the widening partisan divide in America.

Are you looking for a way to continue the work you start in the Season of Creation?

Last month, United Methodists from across our church gathered in St.

As my daughters begin school this week, I find myself in a state of agonized worry. It is not about how both will fare as a result of switching schools. It is not about whether they will make friends or have nice teachers.

If you are a faith leader, please talk to your congregation about the link between your faith and climate change.

A few weeks ago, award-winning filmmaker Mawish Raza and I made the unlikely journey to Houston in the middle of July to make a film about climate change and the Muslim community.

The very first command addressed to humanity in the entire Bible is to “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion . . .” (Gen 1:28).

Whether Americans are looking out their windows or turning on the local news, we are increasingly confronted by severe weather events — unprecedented droughts, storms, floods, and heatwaves are being seen and felt nationwide and around the world.

Last Wednesday I threw away a paper towel tube. I could have recycled it, but recycling would have taken extra effort, so I didn’t. Recycling is a habit, and in me it is a habit half-formed.